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    Announcement of the exhibition in the first half year(一)

    \ Exhibition: AUTOMEC 2015-12th International Trade Fair for Autoparts Equipments and Services
    Date: April 7 to 11,2015 
    Exhition City: Anhembi Park Exhibition Hall,Sao Paulo-Brazil
    Boot Number: MM700
    Exhibitors' name: Derek Ren、Shangjie Liu
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    \ Exhibition: The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo
    Date: 16-18 April 2015
    Exhition City: Melbourne Exhibition Centre,Bays 1-14
    Boot Number: O14L
    Exhibitors' name: Derek Ren、Judy、Hui Li
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    \ Exhibition: The 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition
    Date: 22-29April 2015
    Exhition City: National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shang hai)
    Boot Number: 4BE601
    Exhibitors' name: Derek Ren、Xuebin Ren、Judy、Pengsong Xu
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