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    Welcome to enter the official website Sun Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Welcome to enter the official website Sun Electronics Co., Ltd. is our permanent domain name,no numbers or characters in domain name.  In addition, we applied for "trusted site certification" for our company’s web site, and any other domain name or website has nothing to do with it.

    In order to play a better role of the website propaganda, as well as provide customers with good service, the website has carried on the upgrade and revision.

    We redo the beautification of overall layout and section distribution to the new site, increase the site's friendliness and interactivity, and integrate "search" functions. It is more convenient to search our company product model by keywords query; New customer feedback section and real-time communication tools lead to convenient and timely communication with customers.

    When you visit our company website, please leave your precious opinion (" customer comments "plate on the front page), and we will try to make a site more perfect. Thank you for your support!

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