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    A Launching of WeChat Public Platform


    Dear customers and friends,
    In order to strengthen propaganda of Sun Electronics Co., LTD., , improve our fame and influence, the company has opened "SUN_ELECTRONIC” WeChat public platform, and relevant information will now show as follows:

    1. Platform ID
    My company to apply for the opening of the official WeChat public subscription number is: Sun Electronics Co., LTD. (WeChat ID: SUN_ELECTRONIC)

    2. Purposes
    We will regularly provide information of new product research and development trends and the company's relevant information to our customers and partners via the WeChat public platform to help the customers and related personnel get information in time, and special question from the related personnel, we will provide one-on-one dialogue solutions services.

    Focus Methods:
    First one, open WeChat software directly, click "plus (+)" on the top right corner of the screen, and then click “RichScan" to scan below picture.
    Second, after logining WeChat software click "address book", then click the "subscribe" in the column, the last point on the top right corner of the "plus (+)", search "Sun Electronics Co., LTD." (attention to the only one designated WeChat: SUN_ELECTRONIC).

    To play a better role of the company WeChat public platform, welcome everybody in time actively recommend to colleagues, friends and join the concern, with the aid of such communication effect, constantly expanding the platform user base, accelerate the company information, boost corporate brand building to a new level.
    Sun Electronics Co., LTD
    July 8, 2015

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